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Sidi Essay Massa 2013 Honda

The Honda Car Company and Its Founder Essay example

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The Honda Car Company and Its Founder

The Honda car company was started by a creative, hardworking, industrious man who had the ability to see what people wanted almost before that knew they wanted it. This was continued throughout the history of Honda, and had served to make Honda one of the most respected marquis today. Soichiro Honda was born on November seventeenth 1906, and he died on
August fifth 1991. In between these dates, he built and raced many cars and motorcycles, accumulated over 100 patents, and created a car company that would cause the American and European auto manufacturers to rethink the way that they produced and marketed their product (britannica.com). Things did not start out big for…show more content…

This would not happen to Soichiro Honda.
This is because all this time, he had been working on a project. In 1937 Honda started a company called Tokai Seiki Industry. Although it would take him several years to perfect the process, his company would eventually make the best piston rings in all of Japan, if not the world (History of Honda). This sounds good, but all was not beer and Skittles up to this point. Because Honda started his company in the thick of WWII, resources were scarce. Not content to just close up shop, Honda ordered his workers to go out and collect the empty gas cans the army had left behind. In doing this, Honda got enough metal collected to continue improving and manufacturing of his piston rings (Your Inspiration
Moment - Soichiro Honda). Toyota, then the largest car manufacturer in Japan, took notice of Honda’s innovation, and bought the company for 450,000 Yen.
(equivalent to $ 1,000,000 today) (History of Honda) After he sold his company, Honda planned to kick back and retire, but he couldn’t get cars out of his system. In 1946 he founded the Honda Technical
Research Institute (History of Honda). This was an extremely inopportune time to start a motor vehicle company, as all of Japan was still reeling from WWII. Food, water, medicine, and especially gasoline were in very short supply. At the time, a car would have used too much gas, and all the public transportation

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