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Homework C Mon Zippy Shell

Little Space: Ideas

Sometimes it’s rather hard to get into little space, but here are just some ideas! They are not meant to be directed towards one gender over another, nor are they everyone’s cup of tea!


You can change different aspects of your physical appearance to feel little.


~Done by Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Pig tails
~Pony tail


~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Button down
~Graphic (with cartoons, quotes, photos, etc.)
~Pastel colored


~Pull up

Full body:

~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/~Mommy/Daddy


~Blanket cape
~Clips (hair)
~Clips (paci)
~Glitter ;)
~Pet gear (ears, tail, collar, leach, etc.)
~Socks (animal, fuzzy, knee high, lace, patterned, ruffled, striped, etc.)


Here are active things to do to put or keep you in little space!

~Action figures
~App games (I will make a list of cute apps)
~Bake (with supervision and or help)
~Bath (bubbles, color tablets, paint toys, etc.)
~Beads (bead animals, charms, jewelry, key chain, etc.)
~Blanket fort
~Cinema (movie theater)
~Coloring (general)
~Coloring books/pages
~Cuddling (blankets, Dommy, pets, pillows, stuffed animals)
~DIYs (any you want!)
~Dress up
~Finger painting
~Help with a meal
~House (playing as mommy, daddy, pet, etc.)
~Instruments (play or learn to play)
~Jewelry making (bracelets, neckless etc.)
~Make believe
~Meals (chicken fingers/nuggets, dino nuggets, fries, Mac and cheese, anything else that makes you feel little)
~Movies (animated, Disney, ect.)
~Music (listen to, or create your own)
~Pet play
~Picture books
~Pillow for
~Prince/Princess (pretending to be in a castle etc.)
~Put on a show (for Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, stuffies, toys)
~Rabb.it with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, Little friend, friend (movie/tv/YouTube/video streaming)
~Reading (to someone else, stuffies, Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, or having some one read to you)
~Rolling on the floor (pretending to be a crumb)
~Snacks (candy, crackers, cupcake, fruit, fruit snacks, ice cream, goldfish, gummies, pie, Popsicle, sprinkles, yogurt, etc.)
~Speaking with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Stories (Making up your own, reading some)
~Stuffies (cuddling, playing with, watching movies/tv with)
~Sticker books
~Sucking on paci
~Tea party
~Toy store
~Tv shows (Cartoon Network, cartoons, ~Disney Jr., PBS kids, Sprout, etc.)
~Video call with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Video games


305 Bridgepoint Dr
Ste 100
South St. Paul, MN55075
(612) 326-3910

I had an opportunity to utilize Zippy Shell for a recent move from Central Wisconsin to the Twin Cities. This turned out to be a challenge, since the destination we moved from was 300+ miles away. Too far to be a local move and too close to be a national move. Jon, the owner of this Zippy Shell franchise in St Paul, worked hard to make the move happen. He sent movers with two pods to move our stuff to the Twin Cities -- and ended up sending a third, box truck (on very short notice) when it was clear that two pods weren't going to be enough. Zippy shell uses subcontractors to help move -- and these were the only guys that didn't perform as well as expected. Although they worked hard on arrival, Movers were late both days, which was inconvenient. One of the movers also had a lingering body odor problem that was thick -- even after we aired out the empty house. When our items arrived by box truck to the twin cities, Jon's team loaded them into two additional pods -- so we ended up with four pods. The cost of the move was comparable to other moving companies -- but we had the added benefit of on-demand storage and delivery to our new home in the Twin Cities area a few months later. Two months of storage were affordable and uneventful. Moving into the new location was super easy and the movers we had on the delivery end were great. I highly recommend Jon and his team. When it gets down to crunch time during a move, its important to have someone who is dependable, flexible and trustworthy. Given the additional miles, trucks and pods we ended up adding to the move on short notice, some movers would have gauged us. That wasn't the case with this team. They were always looking for the best solution to each problem at the best price available.

We moved from Minneapolis to San Francisco, which is- if you haven't taken geography lately- a long effing way. Trusting a company to take care of your most precious objects over thousands of miles is a big deal, and Zippy Shell nailed it. The trailer showed up within five minutes of when they said it would. The driver walked us through all of our questions and showed us how to use it. They gave us three days to pack it, which felt luxurious. We packed our stuff with absolutely no problem, and the cage-like interior allowed my husband to zip-tie our headboard from the ceiling, which gave the rest of our cage more room and allowed him to feel smug about his (not inconsiderable) packing prowess. They picked it up on time. They were 100% responsive along the way. And it was delivered on time in San Francisco. All of our stuff was fine, and just as we had packed it. These folks are totally solid. I'd highly recommend them to anyone considering a high-stakes move. Also, pro-tips we found out through our research: they are really competitively priced, and POD has a TON of complains on the Better Business Bureau. These guys don't. So, you know: homework pays off.

Best experience ever! Made moving easy. Jon and his guys are amazing, they bent over backwards to help us out and did more to bless us than we could ever expect. I would use them again and we do continue to use them for all our moving and storage needs.

I couldn't have asked for a better mover. I moved from Maryland to Minnesota and was nervous, of course. I asked for people to load my container and four great professional movers arrived on time and got right to work. They insisted I sit down and let them do the work, which I gladly did. I was so nervous that I had too much for the container size I chose (the smaller one), but everything fit, with a little space left over, thanks to the great packing they did. They were done in about two hours and all I had to do was put my lock on the door when they closed it up. When I arrived in Minnesota, that team treated me equally as nice. Only two movers that time (plus reps from Zippy Shell), but they unloaded in about two hours and willingly moved boxes around if they didn't set them in the right place to begin with. They were so nice!! As for pricing, it was very fair. I learned that a new neighbor paid hundreds more than I did just to move 10 miles (OK, she had them pack her things too, but even so...). I'm so pleased and can't say enough good things about the them. Just one more thing, though. I learned from a Zippy Shell rep in Minneapolis that these are franchises, so I recommend you check out other franchise reviews too if you're going to a new location, to be sure you'll get great service there. As for DC/MD and Minneapolis, 5-stars for both!

If I could give 0 stars I would!! They are terrible start to finish! The guy who originally dropped the shell off heckled me to upgrade EVERYTHING when I said no he went behind my back and heckled my husband. Creepy dude. We had the movers through this company the movers them selves were great but the guy who was the creep treated them like slaves which was so upsetting and uncomfortable. Then when I called the guy who runs the Minnesota department he could have cared less. On top of being charged much more than had been told to begin with. Now I am having the shell delivered and have paid for the full month and only using half a month and called about the refund for the half month I was using the storage and he seemed confused and laughed saying he had never been asked that. He said he had only been asked if it was a day into the month they paid for.... I find that hard to believe! Then Informed me that they would also be charging a delivery fee to drop the shell off at the house to unload.. ok seriously save yourself and wallet go with POD they are what they say and cheaper!!! This company has too many hidden fees. This company is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Susan and Jon! The local teams in LA and Mpls were fantastic. I can't thank them enough for making the process smooth. They were responsive and communicated well on the days leading up to trailer delivery and pickup . Zippy Shell was an affordable option for a cross country move and I loved that they had storage available as I didn't have a destination for my things initially. I self loaded my one bedroom house into the smaller container, everything fit easily. It was loaded in about three hours and unloaded in only an hour.

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