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Ajax Project Case Study Project Management

Multi Projects Case Study

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The following report is based on a case study of Multi Projects Inc. Multi Projects Inc. is an organization that operates in a Matrix-type Organization but does not effectively and efficiently utilize this type of organizational structure to its fullest potential and this becomes disadvantageous in this particular scenario.

This is illustrated through a number of problems identified in this report such as a lack of project prioritisation, no clear and appropriate balance of power between project- and functional managers, inefficient utilisation of resources, lack of a personal development and knowledge growth programme and a display of dysfunctional behaviour by individuals.

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In matrix organization structure, the knowledge and skills of the talented employees could be shared between the functional departments and the project management teams, as needed.
Here, the employee generally works under two bosses. The authority of the functional manager flows vertically downwards and the authority of the project manager flows sideways. Since, the authorities flow downward and sideways, this structure is called the Matrix Organization Structure.
In matrix organization structure, usually employees have two bosses to whom they may have to report. Which boss is more powerful depends upon the type of matrix structure.
Matrix organizational structure exists in large multi-projects organizations so that they can move or relocate employees to any team wherever their services are needed. Matrix structure has the flexibility of applying the organization’s talent where it is needed. Here, employees are considered to be shared resources between the project teams and the functional units.
Matrix organization structure can be further divided into three categories; e.g.
1. Strong Matrix
2. Balanced Matrix, and
3. Weak Matrix.
Strong Matrix: In strong matrix, most authority and power lies with the project manager. Here, the project manager has a full time role; he controls the project budget, and he has full time project management administrative staff under him. Strong matrix structure has a lot

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Ajax Project1.How efecTve has ±ran been as a project manager? Explain. Tran has been an efectve projec± manager so Far. Every projec± experiences hardships ±ha± will ±es± ±he projec± ±eam and projec± manager as well. Tran recognized ±he cul±ural diferences among ±he ±eam members From ±he very beginning oF ±he projec±. Once ±hese diferences were recognized, Tran scheduled a re±rea± For ±he ±eam ±o bond which aided in ±he cohesion oF ±he ±eam ra±her ±han ±he spli± be±ween ±he hardware and elec±rical engineers. Due ±o ±he ±ension caused due ±o salary issues, Tran ofered incentves. When ±hings s±ar±ed ±o Fail and projec± deadlines were ge²ng ex±ended, Tran wen± ou± oF his way ±o spend tme wi±h his ±eam and ofered ±hem encouragemen± when i± was needed. I± is very impor±an± For a projec± manager ±o remain optmistc when ±he res± oF his ±eam is no±. They look up ±o Tran as ±heir leader, and iF your leader is discouraged and pessimistc, ±he ±eam will Feel even less discouraged ±hen ±hey already are.

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