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Leaving Cert 2013 History Essays For Kids

THE only student to get 9A1s in his Leaving Cert said it came as a surprise.

  • Meet the top Leaving Cert student with 9A1s


    THE only student to get 9A1s in his Leaving Cert said it came as a surprise.



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Modest Mark Berney (18), a pupil in Gorey Community School, Co Wexford, admitted that he “wasn’t really expecting it, but I did put a lot of work in”.

Mark, from Kilmurray, outside Gorey, said his recipe for success is to “choose the subjects that you like; I studied what I felt I wanted to study”.

The son of  Joe Berney and Nicky Deacon, who run Berney Saddlery, Enniscorthy, clocked up his A1s in English, Irish, Maths, French, Italian, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Music.

Like most other Leaving Cert students, Mark said he fretted the night before, and had a nightmare. “It was about repeating the Leaving Certificate and not just  that, but the entire six years at second-level,” he explained.

Now Mark, whose younger brother Conor (15) is also a student in  school, is looking forward to getting his top CAO choice of science in TCD.

“I can’t wait to get these. I wish it was tomorrow” said Mark, who hopes to specialise in chemistry or medicinal chemistry.

Gorey Community School is the largest school in the country,  with 1,527 pupils and principal Michael Finn said they were delighted with their “excellent” results this year.

“When I got the call from the State Examinations Commission  saying we were the only school with a 9A1 student, it was the icing on the cake”.

He described Mark as an “extremely good, hard-working  and very unassuming student” .

Mark was among the more than 55,000 students who accessed their exam results from 9am this morning.

And scenes of relief and joy were repeated up and down the country.

Students at Loreto College in St Stephen's Green were delighted as they emerged though the school gates, many with tears streaming down their face.

Jane Calahan (18) from Sandyford received 455 points and was confident she had secured enough points for Midwifery in Trinity College.

Aisling Murchan (18) from Glasnevin brought her proud parents with her to collect her results.

"I'm ecstatic with the results - but I've yet to count up my points," she said as she left the school.

Amelia McConville (19) from Harold’s Cross achieved a high 560 and was confident she has the points she needed saying "the department of education was sound this year.

Meanwhile at CUS Leedon Street, many of the students achieved more than 500 points.

Conor Fynes (19) from Rush got an impressive 560 points and is hopeful that he revived the points he needs for Law in Trinity and UCD.

Jamie Murphy (18) had to tell his mother to calm down as she shouted down the phone at him, delighted with his results. The young student from Dundrum achieved 510 points.

Overall, the gamble in taking higher-level maths has paid off for thousands of Leaving Certificate students, as red-faced exam chiefs admit that hundreds were affected by a blunder on one of the papers.

Leaving Cert 2013 has produced an all-time record of 26pc – more than one in four – maths candidates sitting the higher-level paper, up from one in six two years ago.

Mark Berney’s 9A1s aside, another ten students achieved eight A1s, compared to 12 students in 2012, and 60 candidates got seven A1s, compared to 54 in 2012.

It was confirmed that 13,014 took higher-level maths, up 58pc from 8,235 in 2011 – the year before bonus points were introduced. It is a massive boost to Government and employer hopes of equipping school-leavers with the skills they need for the modern workplace.

It was also a boost for the overwhelming majority of higher-level students, with 97pc achieving at least a minimum grade D that makes them eligible for 25 CAO bonus points.

Points for entry to some CAO courses will rise as a result, although last year the impact was concentrated in areas closely associated with maths, such as engineering and technology.

The names of the schools attended by the candidates who received the 8 A1s in the Leaving Certificate 2013 are:

1. Mount Mercy, Model Farm Road, Cork City

2. Colaiste Spioraid Naomh, Bishopstown, Cork

3. St Francis Capuchin College Rochestown Cork

4. Loreto Convent, Fermoy, Co Cork

5. Deutchse Schule, St Killian’s, Roebuck Road, Clonskeagh Dublin

6. Dominican College, Taylors Hill, Galway City

7. Presentation Secondary School, Miltown, Killarney, Co Kerry

8. St Vincents Secondary School Dundalk, Co Louth

9. Kilrush Community School, Kilrush, Co Clare

Exam helpline: 1800 265 165

By Katherine Donnelly Education Editor

#LeavingCert has been trending on Twitter today. Here are some of the funniest, lighthearted tweets under the hashtag.

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Updated 22.50pm

UpdateTHE RESULTS OF fifty Leaving Certificate examinations have been withheld over cheating suspicions. A further 25 results are being provisionally held back from the State Examination Commission (SEC) pending further communication with the school and students concerned.

The SEC state that cases of cheating can be highlighted in a number of ways, such as:

An examiner detecting similar work from more than one candidate when correcting work from the same centre; while marking an examination script, an examiner may discover memorandum, notes or paper brought in by a candidate in an attempt to gain an advantage in the examination or an examination superintendent may detect a candidate using prohibited items such as books, mobile phones or attempting to contact another candidate in the centre.

When incidences like this occur, the superintendent must submit a report to the SEC.


The SEC state that 67 papers were withheld in 2011 and 75 in 2012, but that every effort is made by the SEC to investigate the events prior to the issue of the examination results, but they said that this is not always possible to do.

“In these circumstances results are withheld without prejudice and pending further communication with the schools and candidates concerned,” they said.

The SEC is charged with responsibility of ensuring that the rules and regulations of state examinations are met. They state that “it is essential in order to uphold the integrity of the Irish examinations system and to underpin equity and fairness within the system in order to enable all candidates to display their achievements on an equal footing”.

They added that “any incidence of suspected copying, improper assistance from another party, plagiarism or procurement of pieces prepared by another party are thoroughly investigated by the SEC and the candidate is liable to have penalties imposed as provided for in the Rules and Programme for Secondary Schools”.

The rules

The state examination rules on cheating and inappropriate behaviour are very clear. They state:

A candidate may be expelled from the examination hall if his/her behaviour is such as to jeopardise the successful conduct of the examination. Submission of material of a pornographic nature or any other offensive material or the inclusion of any cash/cheque in the script may result in the examination in all subjects being disallowed.

In the case of cheating, the rules state:

Where the Commission is of the opinion that any candidate has violated any of these rules… the Commission may think fit from any sum payable in respect of any grant or scholarship obtained by the candidate, according to the opinion which the Commission may form of the gravity of the offence.

The Commission may, if the Commission thinks fit, publish the candidate’s name and address, as given in the notice of intention to present for examination, as those of a candidate who has been so deprived and the Commission may, according to the opinion of the Commission as to the gravity of the offence, debar the candidate from entering for any of the examinations run by the State Examinations Commission for such period as the Commission may determine.

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