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Who Is To Blame In The Crucible Essay John

Even though Abigail Williams started off witchery by drinking blood to kill Elizabeth, she only blamed Tituba for the cause of it. Tituba started to blame innocent people who weren’t even involved just to save her own life. This gave an idea to Abigail Williams the idea to do so too, to get Elizabeth in trouble of witchery. If Tituba didn’t start to talk about the devil and blame people, would the Judges be on a search for witches?

Then the thought of witches wouldn’t occur unless later on Abigail went to accuse people but in the story this didn’t happen. So then Elizabeth wouldn’t be accused and then John wouldn’t go to court to save his wife and his friends Goody Good and Goody Osbourne. So Tituba was also partly to blame for the cause o John Proctors death. Elizabeth Proctor whilst trying to save her husband got him into more trouble by lying in court when John Proctor confessed to the Judges about his affair with Abigail, that Abigail is a whore “It is a whore!

” and Elizabeth who is a Christian will tell the truth about it all “In her life sir she has never lied”, but Elizabeth not knowing what to do and thinking she might get her husband into more trouble and blacken his name she lied about it which meant that John Proctor couldn’t be save. But this doesn’t mean Elizabeth wasn’t to blame for his death, because it only meant she couldn’t save him, but if she did say the truth people would be thinking why should we believe a whore and probably people could be saved and this case will be dismissed but what Tituba had said would probably be believed.

Even if Elizabeth didn’t say anything, there still wouldn’t be any difference; John Proctor would have still died. But we could say that if Elizabeth wasn’t there Abigail wouldn’t have wanted to kill Elizabeth, and then witchery wouldn’t have happened so maybe Elizabeth Proctor was also to blame for John Proctors death. John Proctor, he started having an affair with Abigail whilst she was working for Elizabeth. If John Proctor didn’t have an affair with Abigail, she wouldn’t have suddenly fallen in love with him.

The affair encouraged her to get her own way just to be with him and because of this she wants to kill Elizabeth so she could be with John Proctor. So if John didn’t have an affair with Abigail in the first place would anything have started? And also if he didn’t go to court to try and save his friend and wife would he have died? He wouldn’t have gotten in so much trouble and gotten himself killed if he just thought of another plan, but if it wasn’t him who died it was his wife, he really didn’t have much choice.

Because of going to court and trying to save his wife and friends this got him into his own death, so John Proctor was partly to blame for it also. In the crucible, it was a lot of people to blame, everyone could have save John in their own ways, for example if the people in the crucible didn’t believe Abigail and protested against Johns death instead, the Judges couldn’t do anything but let him go, because they wouldn’t want the court looking bad. So mostly everyone was to blame for John Proctors death.

John Proctor is a Tragic Hero in The Crucible Essay

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John Proctor: A Tragic Hero

A tragic hero is a literary character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy. In the play, The Crucible, Arthur Miller portrays John Proctor, the protagonist, as a tragic hero who has a major flaw—lust for Abigail, his teenage house servant. For fear of being exiled in a town where reputation is highly upheld, Proctor initially tries to hide his crime of adultery, but this affair triggers a major series of events in Salem, where unproven accusations lead to internal struggle and eventually to catastrophe. John Proctor, whether consciously or not, constantly determines the path to his fate through his…show more content…

Despite his being an insignificant and non-status-holding member of society, John Proctor is a much-respected man in Salem. However, in determining his fate, he continues to make several critical and irreversible mistakes that harm his reputation. For fear of being exiled in a town where reputation plays such a large role in their daily lives, Proctor initially tries to hide his crime of adultery, but his affair with Abigail triggers a major series of events in Salem, where simple, unproven accusations escalate to a far larger issue: “Abby—you mean to cry out still others?” “If I live, if I am not murdered, I surely will, until the last hypocrite is dead” (Miller 150). In the end, Proctor decides that for the sake of his desperate circumstances, it would be better to admit to his affair, but by the time he decides to reveal his crime, it is too late to reverse all past actions. He is convicted of witchcraft and doomed to be hanged, later, when given a chance to live, he caves in and confesses to seeing the Devil, only to go back even on this last lie, because he does not have the heart to be freed and saved by a lie.

Since John Proctor behaves as an essentially good and upright man throughout the story, his tragic death stirs pity and fear in the audience. The audience cannot help but

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